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Mugnaioni Industries was born in Ponsacco, Pisa, in 1760, and is the oldest local company still going on. In 2010, it celebrated its 250th anniversary as a local player. The company, which has always been held by the Mugnaioni family, has been passed down the generations until today.

The entrepreneurial profile with which Mugnaioni srl is currently known for in the industry was first launched in the early 20th century by Quintilio Mugnaioni, who, having reached unprecedented levels in the manufacture of fireworks, felt the need to turn its family-run business into a veritable industrial organisation.

The new company managed to manufacture military pyrotechnics for the Italian Ministry of Defence and the NATO countries. Passion, experience, a professional attitude, combined with its never-ending research and development of new products, make Mugnaioni an industry leader. In addition, the company produces a wide range of signalling devices for both merchant vessels and yachts.

Completed in the late 1960s, the current factory stands of a 10-hectare hill in the area of “San Giorgio”.

Since 1987, the company has implemented a certified control system.


We have always benn dealing with that we can do best. Designing and developing systems for your safety.

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